Version 1.0
A Password Manager that does not store your passwords online, that requires no registration or sign-in and yet ensures only you have access to your passwords.
Instead of using an online server to register an account and verify your login credentials, ManageMyPass defines a unique identity to your computer's chrome browser and stores and locks all your data to that browser.
  • No Passwords or any information stored on our server.
  • Download the single page HTML file and use it offline if you want.
  • Auto Login prevents Keyloggers from capturing your passwords.
  • No Registration or Login required to access your account.
  • Does not store or track any cookies on your computer.
  • Award Winning Password-Less Encryption Technology secures your local data.
Compatible with IOS or Android 2.3 and higher with Android or Safari browser on Mobile and latest version of Chrome Browser on a Desktop Computer.


ManageMyPass was founded by Gurudatt Shenoy in July 2012.

Gurudatt has been a serial entrepreneur who has over 25 years of experience in software development. He has developed many software applications and held senior positions in other startups.

He is the inventor of the security technology and owner of the Intellectual Property as also the developer of the beta products.

  • Password Manager


The technology offered by ManageMyPass solves many current problems associated with authentication and identity management.

Identity Management
ManageMypass offers a unique identity management and security solution where the identities of the user need not be stored on a central server but locally on a user's device. The user can thus have complete control over the identities owned by them and decide to share it with other users by syncing them online temporarily or using offline syncing methods.

By deploying device identity authentication, the technology offered by ManageMyPass also brings in ownership and access restrictions to BYOD deployments.

The Browser based offline Identity authentication technology offered by us does not require users to register an account or sign-in using their credentials.

They can directly access their application with having to remember or enter any passwords; but also the technology ensures that the data if copied to another device becomes inaccessible.

By taking a backup of your data to an offline file ensures that data is always available and accessible for use on another computer.


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ManageMyPass is available free to download and use. You can contribute by donating $10 to our project.

You may contact us about general business inquiries or to provide feedback using the following email address:

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